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Tot nou toe is DUCO-samewerkende robotte wyd gebruik in motor-, energie-, halfgeleier-, 3C-, onderwys- en wetenskaplike navorsing en ander nywerhede, die produkte word uitgevoer na Suidoos-Asië, Noord-Amerika, Europa en dosyne ander lande en streke, die handelsmerk. invloed is bekend oor die hele wêreld.


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    We are Dedicated to the Advancement of Cobot.

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    Intelligent Collaboration For A Better World.

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    Think differently for innovation; Share ideas and work closely; Deliver real value; Commit client's success.

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    Our globally-minded team of highly skilled professionals from prestigious universities delivers outstanding results and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

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    Having comprehensive training courses and customer support, as well as after-sales services.


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